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There are over one and a half million NFPs registered with the IRS, so locating the best organization to meet a particular giving strategy can be a daunting task. We address this need by conducting the research and due diligence for the donor. This is a two-step process. The first step begins with the donor’s strategy and then we research and identify the NFPs that are active in the types of projects that interest the donor. After the donor narrows down this list of possible organizations, the second step begins: due diligence research. Our due diligence reports are comprehensive. We review governance, accountability, financial health, transparency, compliance, and program results. We conclude the report with a recommendation for the donor.The donor can then make the contribution directly to the NFP or we can offer Project Monitoring which is the third component of our service.


Your family foundation or donor advise fund may be excellent vehicles for your giving, but they are only vehicles. You still need strategy, due diligence, and project monitoring to make your giving effective. Upwelling Philanthropy can assist you with this work without the permanent overhead to maintain a foundation staff. “We will work with you on an “as needed” basis to provide the support you really need, when you really need it”.



The best corporate giving programs are aligned with the values, resources, and strategies of the overall company. When they are well designed corporate giving programs can not only accomplish a social purpose, they can also provide valuable tangible and intangible benefits to the company. We have worked with some of the largest companies in the country on their giving programs including: GE, DOW, Johnson & Johnson, and Amway. We would like to share those experiences with you as your company develops their own giving program.


Professional Advisors have a unique opportunity to assist clients in the development and fulfillment of their philanthropic goals. Clients indicate that they want this kind of support, but not all Professional Advisors feel comfortable in this area. For most advisors, philanthropy is not an area of expertise. Numerous studies have documented a gap between advisors and clients on the topic of philanthropy. Clients say they want to discuss charitable values and giving strategies with their advisors, but the advisors are best prepared to discuss wealth accumulation and tax strategies. By working with Upwelling Philanthropy you can close this gap in your practice and it will be good for your clients as well as for your business.

The potential benefits of adding philanthropic services to your practice include:

  1. The possibility of new clients
  2. It will distinguish your practice from others who do not provide the service
  3. The opportunity for additional contact with your clients
  4. Deeper, richer client relationships
  5. Client loyalty as a result of better and more complete service
  6. The personal satisfaction of providing more comprehensive service to clients
  7. Client retention
  8. Positions advisor as being civic minded and engaged in the community
  9. Possible consolidation of AUM, sale of other services, billable hours for developing giving vehicles, etc.
  10. The potential of involving 2nd and 3rd generations

Our services can be designed to meet the specific needs of your business. We will start by meeting with you for an initial interview and then together we will design a strategy that will benefit both your clients and your practice.