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The purpose of our company is to enhance the joy and effectiveness of the giving experience.  This begins with helping the client discover their giving interests and defining a giving strategy that is rooted in their own beliefs.  Thoughtful planning is necessary to achieving any desired result.  This is equally true in philanthropy yet many individual donors have not taken the time to define their own personal donation strategy.  Having your own giving strategy will:

Strategy development begins with a review of your past giving experiences and an analysis of what did or did not meet your expectations. We will then explore your motivations, interests, and values. After the assessment is complete, we will have identified your preferred causes, giving vehicles, style, and time frames. All of this information will be summarized into a clear strategy statement that will provide direction and clarity to your giving. The strategy development session is a one day interactive process for the individual, family, foundation, or even a corporate donation committee. Once defined, this personal strategy will become the basis for research conducted in the second stage of our service, “Finding the Right Fit (Search the BEST)”