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Money Well Spent by Paul Brest and Hal Harvey

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to develop a strategy for their giving.  This is a clear, well laid out, and understandable guide to strategy development.  It will be as useful for the foundation or corporation as it will be for the individual giver.

Give Smart by Thomas J. Tierney and Joel L. Fleishman

Giving money to a cause you care about isn’t difficult, but actually getting results and creating change can be extremely difficult.  Thierney and Fleishman address this problem and show the reader how to start the process of getting results.  It is a process that includes continuous improvement for everyone including you, the donor.

Strategic Giving by Peter Frumkin

This is a text book on philanthropy.  It provides an excellent theoretical framework on the hard work of creating social change.  The authors do a good job of not only describing where the sector is today, but they also include a lot of historical information that adds to the interest.


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