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Measuring the specific impact created by a NFP is one of the most difficult tasks in the field of philanthropy. Research universities and the most sophisticated foundations have large research teams to do this work for them, but this level of evaluation is beyond the means of the individual donor. We can, however, help the donor take a step in that direction by offering what we call project monitoring. Without formal research many donors have been frustrated by not knowing what their gifts have accomplished or even if their gifts have been used appropriately. Monitoring the project through to completion helps to fill that gap.

In this our third service we work directly with the NFP to create a Terms of Agreement for the gift. This document includes the anticipated key result areas, a schedule of accomplishments and measurement methodologies. This service provides the donor with a level of monitoring, project accountability and reporting that is essential to effective philanthropy and that is rarely available to the individual donor. Using these tools, Upwelling Philanthropy will monitor the project’s progress through to completion and provide regular update reports to the donor.