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To locate the best organization for a donor’s support we have to discover how the donor defines “best”. If they have gone through our Strategy Development session they will already know what “best” means to them. If they haven’t developed a giving strategy yet they may still have some general impressions of what they value the most. Some donors only want to contribute to organizations that provide the most good for the most people. Others only want to contribute to health care or educational causes. Still others may want to focus their gifts on a specific geographical area or on organizations where they can also get involved as a volunteer. Some donors have already selected the organization and they just want us to confirm their decision. Regardless of where a person is on this spectrum, the starting point for our search is whatever “best” means to them.

We will then use this information to identify a small pool of potential recipients who are active in the kinds of projects that meet the donor’s expectations. The list is narrowed down to the most likely candidates and the due diligence research begins.

Our due diligence reports are comprehensive. We review governance, accountability, financial health, transparency, compliance, and program results. We review data, conduct interviews, explore track records, research past performance, and review sector specific research. We then use our experience in the sector to analyze the information and to distill it into a complete report for the donor’s consideration. At this point the donor can make the contribution to the selected NFP or they can take advantage of our third service which is project monitoring.