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To bring Joy and Effectiveness to the donation experience

Code of Conduct

We will :

  1.  Serve our clients with integrity, honesty, competence, independence, objectivity, and professionalism, helping them to build their philanthropic expertise and capacity.
  2.  Only accept assignments that we and our colleagues have the necessary experience and competence to perform effectively.
  3. Charge fees that are reasonable and commensurate with the services to be delivered.
  4.  Establish a mutual understanding with clients about the objectives, scope of work, and work plan as well as realistic expectations about the results of the services to be rendered before accepting any assignment. If changes in the scope of work arise during the course of the assignment, negotiate adjustments in good faith.
  5.  Treat all client information that is not public knowledge with confidentiality, take reasonable steps to prevent its access by unauthorized parties, and refrain from taking advantage of proprietary or privileged information without the client’s permission.
  6.  Avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof and immediately disclose to the clients any circumstances that may influence the consultant’s judgment or objectivity.

About our name

Our name was inspired by a physical phenomenon that perfectly illustrates what we do in the world of philanthropy. Deep in the Pacific Ocean there is an “upwelling current” that carries vast amounts of nutrients and minerals from the ocean floor to the surface. When this current flows in a favorable direction it creates what is called La Nina and it produces the most productive fishery in the world off the coast of Peru. When the current follows an unfavorable direction the nutrients are wasted and the change in temperature of the surface water results in both storms and droughts called El Nino. Philanthropy is similar. When it is well positioned it can produce life changing and sustainable impacts. When it is misdirected it can cause dependency, hardship, and ill will for everyone involved. Upwelling Philanthropy assists in the creation of the former and the avoidance of the latter.